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Simple foods, creatively presented, comforts for the soul.

The following hors d’ oeuvres may be tray passed or served buffet style.  Remember we make everyting from scratch and design our menus specificly for just for the customer and function.  These are idea, "food for thought", anything can be created for you.

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp
With a jalapeno marmalade on a cilantro biscuit.

Braised Short Ribs and Truffles
Slow wine braised short ribs resting on a herb and black truffle risotto cake. Garnished with a mini onion ring, and drizzled with a red wine reduction.

Blue Cheese Tartlets and Wine Poached Grilled Pears
Blue Cheese in a flaky butter parmesan crust with caramelized onion marmalade and wine poached and grilled pears.

Caviar and Raw Oysters Bar on Ice
With a variety of caviars and oysters from around the world and home. Includes Toast points, blinis, crackers and various flavor accompaniments

Grilled Flank Steak and Forest Mushrooms
Thinly slice steak on grilled baguette with sautéed chanterelles and trumpet royal mushrooms. Drizzled with a red wine beef reduction

Goat Cheese Mousse and Polenta
Creamy herb Chevre goat cheese mousse on an asiago-baked polenta canapé served with crispy prosciutto

Italian Meatballs
With a fresh herbs, wine roasted tomato, and Mozzarella

Cured Salmon and Arugula
Served on a Yukon blini with créme fraiche, and crisp raw shallot

Dungeness Crab Resting on a Pan-fired Risotto Cake
Topped with a paprika and red curry aioli, garnished with lemon zest

Crostini Trio with Candied Lemon
Topped with a variety of pesto, including sweet basil, kalamata olive garlic, and roasted heirloom tomato topanode

Filet Mignon Shooters
Beef filet bites on sourdough canapé, with béarnaise sauce and caramelized onion

Duck Confit on Pea Blini
Served with a vodka crème fraîche, and garnished wasabi tobiko caviar

Grilled Asparagus Tips and Parmesan
Tied together with chive, and drizzled with truffle oil

Caramelized Onion Puff Pastry
With a fresh English thyme, savory onion marmalade and sour cream

Stuffed and Baked Crimini Mushrooms with White Truffle Oil
Prepared with breadcrumbs, herbs, garlic, shallot and chardonnay

Kalamata Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini
Topped with roasted garlic foam

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta
Diced fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil, and chiffonade of basil

Biscuits and Crab Sandwiches
With lemon tempura, tarragon rèmoulade, and Dungeness crab served on mini biscuits

Soft Shell Crab BLT
Pan-fried soft shell crab, applewood smoked bacon, vine ripe tomatoes, and micro greens with a Meyer lemon dijon aioli

Smoke Salmon Crêpes and Caviar
With cream cheese and zest of lemon

Duck Confit Quesadilla
With goat cheese and tomatillo salsa

Avocado Rolls
With orange wasabi and soy sauce

Blue Cheese Tartlets with a Flaky Butter Parmesan Crust
Caramelized onion, scallion, Italian parsley

Smoke Salmon
With zest of lemon, dill and herb butter, on toasted pumpernickel bread

Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Pizzetta
Chevre goat cheese and basil oil with prosciutto, on pizza dough rounds

New Potatoes Filled with Crème Fraîche and Sevruga Caviar

Seared Ahi and Fried Won Ton
With radish sprouts, sesame oil, and wasabi orange cream

Seared Ahi and Fried Won Ton
With a lemon ginger aioli, and sesame seeds

Seared Ahi and Fried Won Ton
With a soy ginger sauce and cilantro chiffonade

Shrimp Cocktail
Prawns served with a fresh spicy horseradish cocktail sauce and lemon garnish

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail Shots
Shrimp served in a shot glass with a spicy horseradish cocktail sauce, and a lemon celery garnish

Chipotle-Spiced Pork Tenderloin Canapé
On a russet and sweet potato pancake with lavender honey butter

Flank Steak and Arugula Canapé
Served on thin slices of sourdough baguette, with a paprika, red curry, and lime créme fraîché

Chicken Curry and Potato Coconut Torte
With a curry, cucumber, coconut yogurt topping

Sweet Capsicum and Fresh Thyme Muffins
With a caramelized onion, Mascarpone, and fried basil leaf

Grilled Vegetable Terrine
Served cold on baguette, with a goat cheese and jalapeño mousse and dry jack cheese

Potato Skins and Truffle Founduta
With a truffle fontina cheese founduta, prosciutto, and Italian parsley

Grilled Spiced Prawns Served Chilled
With a lemon and red curry aioli dip

Roasted Pepper Tartlets
Filled with roasted peppers and savory goat cheese, with a flaky Parmesan crust

Salmon Tartar and Oyster Mousse
On garlic toast points, garnished with capers and fresh chive

Cold Cucumber and Crab Salad Canapé
Bodega Dungeness crab salad resting on a fresh cucumber with a crispy leek round

Polenta Putanesca Canapé
Served with a kalamata topanode and feta cheese, garnished with basil chiffonade

Goat Cheese Mousse and Polenta
Creamy herb Chevre goat cheese on an assiago baked polenta round, served with crispy prosciutto

Caesar Bites
On a sourdough crostini with Parmesan-anchovy cream custard and romaine chiffanade