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Shrimp Dishes

The problem with shrimp is that people go crazy for it and one person can eat a pound of shrimp easy enough and will!  So you have to make it difficult to just pick the shrimp out (which they will).  Shrimp and grits are by far one of my favorite dishes and a signature being a Lowcountry "Charleston" Chef/food historian.  The shrimp shells and heads are used for the rich stock (you bake the shell/heads and brown them for a rich brown stock), and my grits are true speckled heart grits (I brokered grits for 10 years for a dozen mills across the south).  I have 5 mills local that process grits when you order them, true dried sweet corn white or yellow; not tasteless hominy grits you get in the store or at a truck stop, Jim Dandy.  But that is not to say we can not cook shrimp a hundred ways that are all great.  The Tasso Ham can be left out for Meatless Needs or we make two batches and have one Meatless but seasoned with lemon-thyme, oregano and sage and one with wonderful Tasso Ham (a seasoning pork from creole Louisiana).

Budget Buffet Menu:

Price range $28 to $32 per person, menus designed for you with the seasons and theme in mind, menu samples below. I can design menus for your Budget.

Menu includes Bar Snacks, choice of Appetizers for Happy Hour, Two Entrees, Two Starches, Two Veggies and we offer a choice of Caesar Salad or Our House Salad with Fresh seasonal Vegetables, and Fresh Bread, Biscuits or Cornbread.  included: Sun Tea, Ice and Coolers and all equipment for food service, disposables cups, plates, dinnerware, (tables with white linen for setting up buffet available at no cost).  (coffee and lemonade also available)

These are suggestions and I always design a menu specifically for every customer.


Choose Two of the Following Meat, Poultry or Seafood Selections:

Grilled Chicken Breast

  1. Marsala with Sautéed Mushrooms
  2. Rosemary with Lemon Beurre Blanc
  3. With Spinach, Shallots and Asiago Cheese
  4. With Fresh Basil Pesto
  5. Blackened with Lemon Butter
  6. Creole Mojo (citrus-garlic marinade)
  7. Goat Cheese and Raspberry Beurre Blanc
  8. Tomato, Basil, Mushrooms and Mozzarella


  1. Coconut-Macadamia Crusted Grouper with Brown Butter Rum Sauce

Grilled Salmon, Tilapia or Mahi-Mahi

  1. Lemon-Caper-Shiitake Sauce
  2. Cucumber-Dill sauce
  3. Thai Apricot-Soy Glaze
  4. Mango Salsa and Lemon Butter Sauce
  5. Blackened with Hollandaise
  6. Tomatoes, Capers, Olives, Fresh Basil and Pine Nuts

Beef and Pork

  1. Fire Roasted Strip Loin with Smoked Tomatoes and Demi Glace
  2. Garlic-Herb Crusted Prime Rib Roast with Au Jus and Horseradish
  3. Peppercorn Seared Sirloin Roasts in Mushroom Sauce
  4. Caribbean Seasoned Pork Loins with Natural Juices
  5. Apple Cider, Rosemary Pork Loin Au Jus  
  6. Grilled Sweet Italian Sausages

Shrimp Dishes

Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits with Tasso Gravy: Sautéed Shrimp, Tasso, Sweet Italian Sausage swimming in shrimp gravy seasoned with lemon-thyme served with Creamy Stone Ground Grits (the classic Charleston dish, we keep the grits and shrimp separate and cook the grits with vegetable stock so they are vegetarian)


·          Shrimp Scampi: made with butter, garlic, green onions, white wine, lemon juice, and parsley, along with large shrimp and seasonings (PASTA AND VEGGIES)

·         Shrimp Jambalaya with Pumpkin and Popcorn Rice

·         Shrimp and Vegetable Pad Thai (rice noodle, sesame, tofu, shiitake, green onion, carrot, fennel, sweet pepper, bean sprout, peanut, cilantro, lime, coconut milk)

·         Penne Shrimp and Spinach with Feta (Penne, basil, roasted red pepper, asparagus, peas, carrot, corn, fresh spinach, garlic cream, feta and parm; baked as a casserole)

·         Shrimp, Mahi, Scallop Newburg Pot Pie (mushrooms, sherry, shallot, carrot, peas, cream, nutmeg, lemon thyme, potatoes topped with pastry)

·         Shrimp Pesto, Spinach Gnocchi with Roasted Fennel and Zucchini  (pesto cream, roasted grape tomatoes, roasted fennel bulb, roasted onions, sautéed julienne carrot, zucchini, tiny green beans)


Choose two of the following starch selections: Each additional selection $2 per person

  • Herbed Rice Pilaf
  • Lyonnaise Potatoes (potatoes sliced paper thin and fanned out over sautéed onions, covered with chicken stock, baked to a golden brown)
  • Three potato au gratin with three cheeses
  • Jamaican rice with spring vegetables
  • Wild mushroom risotto
  • Grilled red bliss potatoes
  • Garlic whipped potatoes
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Macaroni and 3 cheese sauce
  • Vegetarian Ravioli


Choose two of the following vegetable Items: Each additional selection $2 per person

  • Grilled Asparagus with roasted red peppers
  • Sautéed apples and mushrooms
  • Sesame tiny green beans with rosemary-honey baby carrots
  • Grilled vegetable salad
  • Broccoli casserole with cheese sauce
  • Roast Corn on the cob in butter broth