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About Our Chef

Richard Perry now living in Floyd, VA has cooked in some great towns like Charleston SC, New Orleans, Austin Tx, Naples and Key West, Florida as well the Virgin Islands and the French Antilles. He holds several degrees in Culinary Arts and worked apprenticeships at the Trellis Restaurant and Colonial Williamsburg, as well as a confectionery apprenticeship under Mark Gray of the Greenbriar in West Virginia. Richard spent 12 years working as a troubleshooter opening some of the best restaurants in the Southern States.

Richard has been teaching culinary arts professionally for years through apprenticeships, mentoring, and private lessons as well as several TV cooking programs. Schedule him to demonstrate and share his vast knowledge to you and your friends then sit down and empress your company with your accomplishments. We call it “the Supper Club”...we’re always looking for new members.

For the past years Richard has been catering in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Floyd,Va, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg and Christiansburg building a reputation for exquisite flavors utilizing the local fauna, farms, and game. 

Most recent blog:

"From the earthy roots and wild game of winter to the tender green shoots of spring and the lush abundance of summer to the final ripening of autumn.  Seasonal cooking has inspired me by the richness of flavors found only at the peak of growth and freshness only found in your backyard.  Straight from the orchard, field, and free range farms, I have been blessed with local farmers and foragers who have befriended me, educating me to the native fauna and wealth of produce found in Floyd and surrounding Counties."